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Hugh Malay

Executive Producer


Hugh K. Malay founded Monarch TV Productions in 1995. While producing local tv-commercials in Los Angeles, he discovered that many small to medium -sized businesses had limited
understanding on how to effectively market their products or services.“Business owners have so much on their plate that advertising is often times is an afterthought, “ Hugh said. “Few have the budget to hire a full-time marketing director.” By contracting as a marketing consultant 6-8 hours a month, per business, Hugh has built Monarch into a formidable player in the Southern California advertising arena. “Each business requires a different marketing mix.” Hugh said. “Monarch’s strong suit is calendar planning. That may sound simple, but most businesses plan as little as 30 days out. That doesn’t work.” After dealing with hundreds of media companies the last 15 years, Hugh has a thorough understanding about marketing and advertising for local businesses. “Consistent media placement, as well as concise, clean ads whether in print, video or online, are the hallmark of our philosophy.” Hugh is native of Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from from The Ohio State University with a degree in Broadcast-TV. Before starting Monarch, Hugh worked as a radio and tv-sportscaster/producer with FNN/SPORTS, SportsChannel, ESPN and Prime Ticket.








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